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The Alarm Indicating Device or (AID System)

The Alarm Indicating Device is a durable, electronic audio-visual alarm system designed to monitor critical engine functions in heavy duty gas or diesel equipment and to alert the operator of specific problem(s) or malfunctions. Highly sensitive probes and switches, that can be adjusted to the degree of detection responsiveness, are placed in strategic locations of an engine and connected to the alarm. When a problem is detected the alarm notifies the operator with highly visible warning lights or a loud audible alarm. These units are completely customizable and can detect up to 7 functions respectively. The face panel of every unit contains easily readable displays to indicate the exact problem for faster maintenance and troubleshooting. Each problem indicator "window" lists the exact nature of the malfunction. The alarm system will not only help extend heavy-equipment engine operating life but also may prevent costly repairs and downtime. Our customers, worldwide, have saved millions in unnecessary repair bills by installing Alarm Indicating Devices on their valuable equipment. The versatility of the AID line offers everything from single function to multifunction units, and custom-made detection devices designed to your individualized needs. General Diesel & Electronics, Inc. has built over 1,000 different types of AID systems to meet the requirements of our customers.

Designed with Flexibility in Mind

GDE can custom build a monitor system to fit your needs down to the smallest detail and specifications. This will include taping into existing systems and probes or adding our own for complete system integration.

In addition to monitoring up to 7 functions, the AID System can provide additional features such as triggers for external alerts outside the control unit like lights, horn or a solenoid for engine shut down. These models are also designed with a shutdown-memory which trips a device on the face of the control unit to indicate the cause of the engine shutdown. (Not pictured)